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WGC Music Mondays Presents: Angel Haze “Angels & Airwaves.”

tw: suicide, self harm, depression

I decided to kick off “WGC Music Mondays” with Angel Haze because she is an under-appreciated yet extraordinarily talented artist. I am a huge fan of a wide range of rappers who are women and LGBTQI+, but Angel Haze has a very special place in my heart because it is obvious that she gives her best in every musical piece she releases to the public. She is truly passionate about her work and the people she is reaching out to through her music. 

"Angels & Airwaves" is one of the many impressive and emotional songs from her debut album "Dirty Gold.” It’s purpose is to comfort people dealing with depression that is amplified by an unsympathetic environment. Like her other songs, Angel draws from her own personal experience with rejection,

“When the girl that you love won’t look in your direction. When the guy you like adds you to his fucking collection. When you all dressed in black and they whisper and snicker and they make you feel wrong for being so different. This for everybody who knows what it is to feel like nothing but a memory that won’t be relived”

The issues discussed in the song would usually fill a person with despair, but Haze does a wonderful job of turning that around to make the listener feel hopeful, brave and loved instead. The song is not about pity, it is about strength despite adversary. 

This song is very personal to me and I applaud Angel Haze for continuing to use her music as a platform to talk about important and intimate issues in a constructive and uplifting manner. I have nothing but admiration for this woman. She is a survivor, a fighter, a genius and more.

If you’re thinking it now. If you’re wanting to die. If you’re thinking it out. You are so much more than you are in this moment. You never know how great you can be. Don’t give up on you. I didn’t give up on me.


Erykah Badu | Next Lifetime

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